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Welcome to Lowell, Indiana!

by The Jana Caudill Team

Originally isolated at the center of miles and miles of farmland, Lowell began to prosper like many Midwest towns, when the railroad came through.  The Louisville, New Albany, and Chicago Railroad connected the small farming community with the rest of the country in 1880 sparking industries like the sawmill and brick making, utilizing the natural resources of water power and the clay rich soil of the region, respectively.  Although Lowell now has its share of McDonalds and Walgreens stores, it still holds history and tradition dear to its heart, as evidenced by its vital and healthy downtown district.

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Welcome to Hobart, Indiana!

by The Jana Caudill Team

Once the home of the Pottawatomie Indians, Hobart has become a hub for business, family, and recreation with more than a little something for everyone, all within 38 miles of Chicago.  The historic downtown is a quaint, quiet community with small restaurants and specialty stores.  At the lakefront you’ll find summertime concerts, duck races, and endless additional activities.  In Hobart you will discover great retail shopping, numerous community parks for enjoying nature and the outdoors, and fabulous schools and community services thought to be among the best in Northwest Indiana.

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Welcome to Highland, Indiana!

by The Jana Caudill Team

The Highlands, from which the town name originates, was originally a sand ridge standing out above the rest of the region’s marshy and mostly submerged landscape back in 1848.  At that time settlers from Ohio began developing the area, turning it into a farming community, and eventually the Chicago and Atlantic railroad came through town bringing with it more agriculture and manufacturing opportunities.  Highland’s focus today remains providing economic opportunity to its citizens, educational opportunity for its children, and recreational opportunity through its extensive town parks and facilities.

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Welcome to Griffith, Indiana!

by The Jana Caudill Team

“The town that came to the tracks,” known today as Griffith, once boasted in the Guinness Book of World Records as being the town having the most baseball diamonds and for having the location where the most railroad tracks met at one point.  It had been the railroads passing through town, heading to and from Chicago that kept the town alive for many years, lending stability to Griffith through the panic of 1893, and the Great Depression.  Though there is only one remaining railroad travelling through town today, Griffith remains a vibrant community dedicated to the ideals of hard work and community learned from the past.

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Welcome to Dyer, Indiana!

by The Jana Caudill Team

A settler by the name of Aaron Norton Hart, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania played a key role in directing the construction of the roadway and drainage infrastructure in Dyer back in the 1860’s and 70’s, subsequently opening the area up to agriculture and other commercial use in the surrounding predominantly marshy region.  Understandably the town adopted its name from something as near and dear to Hart’s heart as the town itself.  The town’s namesake is Hart’s wife, Martha Dyer Hart.  That same sense of community and spirit is what placed Dyer at number 97 on CNN and Money Magazine’s 2005 list of "100 Best Places to Live in the US.” 

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Welcome to Crown Point, Indiana!

by The Jana Caudill Team


Considered to be the “hub of Lake County,”Crown Point Indiana is located just 40 miles southeast of Chicago’s Loop making up just one of the Loop’s 77 official community areas. Crown Point and Crown Point real estate offer new homes, single-family family homes and even luxury homes. Condos for empty nesters are ample along with apartment rentals. This historic town of 27,000 residents is famous for housing the courthouse from which bank robber John Dillinger escaped. It has a vibrant downtown scene coupled with the feel of suburban living and close proximity to one of America’s largest urban areas.

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Welcome to Chesterton, Indiana!

by The Jana Caudill Team

Today's post is the next in our series of "Welcome To..." blogs highlighting Northwestern Indiana communities, and today we'd like to welcome you to CHESTERTON, INDIANA!


In 1834 the town of Coffee Creek took its name from a local creek running through what was at the time downtown.  Although Chesterton finally adopted its current name in 1870, the region and the Indiana Dunes have always been synonymous.  Today there’s more to Chesterton than just its 15 miles of breathtaking, sandy, Lake Michigan beaches.  Locals enjoy great restaurants, golf, wonderful city and state parks, and as always, take great pride in their town’s role as the gateway to the great Indiana Dunes.

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Welcome to Cedar Lake, Indiana!

by The Jana Caudill Team

Today's post is the first in a series of "Welcome To..." blogs highlighting Northwestern Indiana communities, and today we'd like to welcome you to CEDAR LAKE!

The 794 acre lake at the center of the community from which the town of Cedar Lake hails its name is an outdoor recreation destination for residents and visitors alike.  Over a century ago the Monon Railroad reached the western shore of the lake making the young town a tourist hot spot for Chicagoans escaping the hustle and bustle of city life.  That was in 1882.  Today, with over 6000 feet of accessible shoreline, picnic tables, gazebos, and 18 acres of open space Cedar Lake is a wonderful place to raise a family, rest and recharge, and enjoy the great Indiana outdoors.  The lake has two public marinas with access for boating, jet skiing, and fishing, and don't forget ice fishing in the winter and snowmobile races across the lake.  Upscale condos and houses are newer to the area.  In Cedar Lake it's resort living with close proximity to Chicago and Lake Michigan.

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5 Factors that Do NOT Affect the Value of Your Home

by The Jana Caudill Team

There are many factors that play a role in determining the value of a Crown Point, Dyer, or Cedar Lake home.  Things like location, size, and additional improvements come to mind right off the top of my head.  There are also certain factors that (to the dismay of some sellers) play absolutely no role at all in value.  Here are the top five:

  1. What you paid for the home.  When it comes right down to it a home is worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it.  What you paid for it – whether it was last month, last year, or fifty years ago – has no impact on today’s value.  Markets go up and down, the economy changes, family financial circumstances change, but what you paid for a property when you purchased it does not affect what a new buyer will be willing to pay today.
  2. How long you have owned the home.  See above.
  3. What you owe.  This is a tricky one for some folks, especially nowadays.  Let’s say you purchased your home five years ago.  Maybe you even put a Home Equity Line on it as well.  Then your local market took a hit like many markets did around the country and you now owe more on your home than your Realtor’s Comparative Market Analysis suggests the home is currently worth.  The fact is a buyer is not going to pay $200,000 for a house that market sales history shows comparable homes are currently selling for at $140,000 in the same area.  The fact that you owe more than the home can most likely sell for does not influence what a buyer is willing to pay.
  4. Fond memories.  We all have fond memories of happy times living in our homes.  There’s the first Christmas, or the birth and/or graduation of our children.  Weddings, cookouts, birthday parties.  The great thing is you get to take all your fabulous memories with you when you move into your next home.  The bad news is those memories do not increase the value of a home where buyers moving in are looking forward to making their own brand new memories.
  5. The asking price of a home.  You can ask all you want.  But if you’re asking too high at best you can expect a low-ball offer to purchase.  At worst potential buyers aren’t even taking the time to look at your home because they aren’t inclined to try to work with what they may consider unreasonable sellers.

The bottom line: price it right at the start.  A home is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it.  Do your research, or work with a Realtor to do the research for you so you can see what comparable homes are selling for in your market right now.

Subtraction by Addition

by The Jana Caudill Team

Thinking about doing a large remodel or addition?  Are you justifying the expense with the belief that you’ll get that money right back out of the house when you sell it?  Be careful.  You might just discover you’re losing money – subtraction by addition.

There are many inexpensive fixes, updates, repairs, etc. you can do to your home and expect to get your money back after selling your house.  The key in today’s economy is fixing what you already have rather than adding.  Of course home buyers love more space, but that sun room addition or garage addition may not equate to the return you are expecting down the road.

Anytime you add onto a home, increasing the footprint of the structure, you should see dollar signs flashing before your eyes, and I don’t mean money going into your pocket.  Think about your reasoning for the addition.  Is this something your family needs?  Do you only have one bathroom for your family of five?  That expense might be justifiable.  But is a new master suite built off the back of the house a good decision?  How long are you going to be around to enjoy the new space?  Over-improving compared to the rest of the neighborhood is another recipe for diminishing returns.

Here are a couple resources for cost effective fixes for your Crown Point, Munster, or Lowell home, inside and out.

Displaying blog entries 1-10 of 18