It's not every day that a major celebrity like Johnny Depp comes to our little town of Crown Point. Mr. Depp was here to portray Hoosier legend John Dillinger in the upcoming Michael Mann film, Public Enemies. For three days, they were filming the infamous breakout scene where Dillinger made his escape from the Lake County jail. Our office, which was not far from the film's shooting, was in an uproar. It was commonly stated that the film was the biggest thing to happen to Crown Point since Dillinger had made his escape seventy four years ago.

Traffic was heavy and many streets were blocked off while the film crew transformed the city to what it looked like back in 1934. People stood outside in the cold for hours in hopes to get a glimpse of the superstar. Since Crown Point Schools were on spring break, many children were present with their parents. Johnny Depp did make time to pose for pictures and shake hands between filming. Public Enemies, which also stars Christian Bale, is rumored to be released in 2009.     

For more information regarding John Dillinger, check out the John Dillinger Museum located in Hammond at the Indiana Welcome Center.