Northwest Indiana Valparaiso City Tour

Valparaiso City Tour | Welcome to the beautiful Valparaiso, Indiana. Located just an hour east of Chicago, this peaceable city is the perfect place to live, work, and simply enjoy life. In fact, Valparaiso has been named the 2009 Community of the Year by the Indiana Chamber of Commerce for a brilliant revitalization of many areas of town including the downtown area without raising taxes. Add to that fact that Valparaisos homes and neighborhoods are simply gorgeous, it would make any resident proud to call Valparaiso their home. This city also offers many recreational opportunities for people across a broad spectrum of ages and interests. Indeed, the outstanding downtown area offers many different places to shop for that unique gift or to have a nice, cool drink on a hot, summer day. Another beautiful addition to the city is the outdoor shopping malls and movie theatre located away from downtown, which contain anything that you could possibly think of. If youre looking to get away from the hustle and bustle, head on over to one of Valparaisos beautiful parks. An assortment of options is available from enjoying the sheer beauty of mother nature to simply getting out with some friends to play your favorite sport. By the way, Valparaiso boasts many challenging golf courses including Creekside Golf Course and Training Center, which has been named one of the Top 100 Golf Ranges in America by Golf Range Magazine for consecutive years. As if all this wasnt enough already, Valparaiso also prides itself in its premiere event, the Popcorn Festival. Featuring hundreds of food and crafts booths, a 5-mile run, 5K walk, plenty of kids activities, and the nations first popcorn parade, the Popcorn Festival has always been a favorite among attendees. Although Valparaiso possesses many great offerings for entertainment and dining, every once in awhile you might want to go somewhere with that big city atmosphere. (pause) Chicago is the place! Many convenient transit options await you as you plan your visit to the Windy City. Another popular destination is the Indiana Dunes Lakeshore, which is only 15 minutes from Valparaiso. You can choose to get your hiking boots on or you can simply relax on the beach enjoying the most picturesque of sunsets. If youre looking for a safe place to raise your kids and quality schools, Valparaiso is the best possible place for that. Valparaiso also prides itself in its post-secondary education, especially the renowned Valparaiso University, which celebrated its 150th birthday in 2009. Attracting students from more than 40 countries and most states, the university is known continually as one of Americas best colleges by the U.S. World News and Report. With the recent inclusion of the brand new student union, you really get that big school feel on a smaller campus. Other post-secondary options include Ivy Tech State College as well as Purdue North Central, a satellite campus located in Valparaiso. Not only is Valparaiso safe, but its economic sector is vibrant as well. Many local stores and restaurants have thrived and continue to do so despite more and more competition from big corporation stores. But, Valparaiso is not foreign to big corporations either. Task Force Tips and Urschel Laboratories are both worldwide leaders in the production of fire-fighting and food-cutting equipment, respectively, and benefit the local economy in a tremendous way. So, whatever your interest, whatever your niche, whatever your dreams, consider Valparaiso to be a part of them.
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