Best Ways to Increase Home Value 

If you’re getting ready to list your home for sale, finding ways to increase its value before listing may mean more money in your pocket at the end of the day. Here are some tips for increasing home value, ranging from easy and cheap fixes to more expensive renovations. To learn more about what’s best for your situation, call an experienced real estate agent directly today. 

Freshen Up the Interior

One of the easiest and least expensive options for freshening up a home is to focus on small fixes within the interior. This includes:

  • Putting on a new coat of paint
  • Patching any holes or indentations
  • Fixing damaged floorboards
  • Changing the lighting to more modern, brighter fixtures
  • Giving everything a really good scrub when it’s all done (we recommend hiring a professional cleaning crew)

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

It’s not just the inside of a home you want to focus on, but the outside, too. Improving your home’s curb appeal can make your home more attractive to buyers; after all, the outside is the first part of a home that any potential buyer will see! Mow the lawn, pull the weeds, plant some flowers, remove any junk or debris from the yard, and consider painting your front door. 

Make Minor (or Major) Renovations

Another way to improve the value of your home is to make renovations. Of course, replacing appliances or redoing the bathroom will cost more than planting some flowers or putting on a new coat of paint, so it’s a good idea to discuss any ideas with a realtor to determine whether or not the cost is worth the potential benefit. Renovations that tend to add value to a home include:

  • Minor kitchen remodel
  • Minor bathroom remodel
  • Adding a deck or patio to the yard
  • Replacing a home’s siding
  • Replacing windows
  • Updating flooring or carpeting
  • Replacing the garage door

Replacing outdated appliances with new ones can also improve home value too. 

Note that there are some renovations and repairs that don’t always add a lot of value in some markets, including high-end landscaping, the installation of a swimming pool, and luxury upgrades. 

Get Advice from a Real Estate Professional in Indiana

If you are getting ready to sell your home, make sure you work with a real estate agent to identify where repairs and upgrades may earn you money and where they won’t. At The Jana Caudill Team, we are happy to help. To learn more about our experienced professionals and how we can best serve you, call our team directly or send us a message online today. 


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