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Buy House, Change Locks

27 August 2013
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The Jana Caudill Team
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You signed the mountain of paperwork, and you and your spouse are so happy to finally be moving into your first Crown PointHobart, or Chesterton house together you know if you had to you’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.  The sellers are happy too, after all, they’ve been trying to sell the house for almost two years and they can finally get on with their lives.  They slide five copies of the house key across the closing table to you and wish you luck.  Your Realtor gives you two gold engraved key fobs that proclaim “There’s no place like home…” Ahhh, everything’s right in the universe until months later things start to turn up missing.

The facts are not everyone was a fan of Mr. and Mrs. Good Neighbor when they used to live in your home.  And it’s not your fault; how were you to know?  A neighbor kid never returned the key to the front door after the one time he house sat for the sellers and forgot to feed the dogs for three days…The forgotten key ring the sellers’ usually responsible thirteen year old lost at the playground after school…The code to the keypad mounted at the garage door Mr. Good Neighbor shared in a moment of weakness when Mr. Questionable Character next door called their cell phone while they were away on vacation.  He just wanted to borrow the ladder…

When you buy a house change the locks.  All the locks:

  • Front Door Key
  • Back Door Key
  • Garage Access Key
  • Remote Key Pad for the Garage Door
  • Reset Garage Door Remote Controls for Your Cars
  • Mailbox Key
  • Utility/Exterior Storage Shed Keys

Remove access, remove temptation, and sleep easier.

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