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Category: Buyers Tips

Buying a Foreclosed Home: What You Need to Know 

Being subject to a home foreclosure can be extremely trying, both financially and emotionally, for homeowners. But for those who

17 January 2023
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First-Time Homebuyer’s Checklist 

If buying a home has been on your to-do list since you can remember and you’re finally financially ready to

26 December 2022
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Contingent vs. Pending Offers: What’s the Difference? 

One of the biggest goals on most people’s life checklist is to buy a home. Whether you’re buying for the

13 December 2022
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Tips on Making Reasonable Requests After a Home Inspection

While attending a home inspection when you’re under contract means another exciting opportunity to tour your home again, it can

29 November 2022
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How Long Does it Take to Close on a House?

Finding your dream home, making an offer, and going under contract are extremely exciting. But all of that excitement can

15 November 2022
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Avoid Doing These Things After Applying for a Home Loan 

Buying a new home is an exciting process. However, amongst all that excitement lies the challenge of navigating various requirements

30 September 2022
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