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Category: Sellers Tips

Category: Sellers Tips

The Home-Selling Process

Selling a home is exciting, and suggests new opportunities to be had, memories to be made, and stories to be

2 March 2021
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What Do I Have to Disclose When Selling My Home?

Selling a home is an exciting process that signals a new beginning, but it’s also a process that has many

17 November 2020
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FAQs About Selling a Home

Selling your Northwest Indiana home is an exciting process that indicates something new is coming your way. But the process

3 November 2020
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Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Curb Appeal

When selling a home, we know you’re looking to get the best price. While the realtors at the Jana Caudill

18 August 2020
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Prepping Your House for Sale

If you’re thinking about selling your home, there are some ways you can prepare and make the process go smoothly.

26 May 2020
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We Would Love Your VOTE!

Please vote DAILY by TEXTING 722 to 219-321-8683 (219-321-VOTE) OR vote ONLINE. We appreciate your votes!!! The Jana Caudill Team

16 March 2020
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