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How do you know how to pick the perfect realtor to sell your current home and buy a new home? The minute you say you are about to sell, many well-meaning family members and friends will tell you about someone they know who is in real estate. Unless your family member or friend has used the realtor, be wary. Do your research and find a realtor who is experienced in sales and marketing, uses diplomatic skills to close the sale or purchase and puts your interests first.

Many people who often use realtors recommend that you interview at least three local real estate agents in your area. Look particularly at their closing percentages. You want someone who can close the deal for you. A real estate firm worth meeting within Cedar Lake is The Jana Caudill Team. We sell homes quickly and know how to close the deal for you.

What to Look for in a Realtor In Cedar Lake

Great realtors typically live and work in the same community. Your sister may be a great realtor, but if she is an hour away, she will not be the best choice for you. If you want to successfully sell your house in your timeframe and your price range, then you need to go local. The best way to find out who is successful is to take a walk in your neighborhood and surrounding areas near you. If you see one’s realtor’s sign more than others, be sure to jot down the name and give him or her a call. Then go online and research local realtors, such as Jana Caudill Team in Cedar Lake.

How Much is My Home Worth?

When you are interviewing your realtors, ask them what price they would list your house. There are two specific strategies for marketing a home for sale. Some realtors believe that pricing low will allow the marketplace to drive up the price in a bidding war. Others price high to see if the neighborhood is worth it. Ultimately, the realtor you want is the one who knows the community and will price your home to sell. A thriving local realtor is what you will get when you choose The Jana Caudill Team in Cedar Lake.

One of the Best Realty Firms in Cedar Lake

If you want to work with a group of professionals who have your back every step of the way, then you need to meet with one of our realtors from The Jana Caudill Team near Cedar Lake. Feel free to visit our office near Cedar Lake at 503 East Summit St., Suite 2, Crown Point or call at (219) 661-1256 or contact us on our website at https://www.janacaudillteam.com.

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The Jana Caudill Team delivers unparalleled service to all of our clients with honest representation, communication, attention to detail, and results. Reaching your goals is our number one priority.