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Are you about to sell or buy a house, is a realtor necessary nowadays? With social media why do you need a real estate agent to sell your home? You can list your home right on your Facebook page. Sure, some people can sell and buy on their own, but most greatly benefit when they hire a realtor to sell or buy a new home.

The Jana Caudill Team is a group of experienced realtors who understand the subtle and some not so subtle nuances of selling and buying houses in Northwest Indiana. The area is comprised of many communities with homes in a vast range of price points. The professionals from The Jana Caudill Team will share their expertise with you whether you are a seller or buyer or both.

Why Use a Realtor in Northwest Indiana?

Nothing can replace experience. If you think you can buy or sell a home on your own, make sure that you have enough time set aside to market your home, find potential buyers and sellers, close the deal and find the best mortgage. If you doubt that you can do it yourself, be sure to contact The Jana Caudill Team in Northwest Indiana.

Top Reasons Why to Hire a Professional Realtor in Northwest Indiana

  • Experience — Realtors have a lot of selling and purchasing experience. They have sold and helped clients buy houses for many years and share that knowledge with their clients.
  • Intermediary — Your realtor will know how to get rid of someone who is not interested in buying your home or will keep you protected from some agents that want you to go them instead.
  • The Neighborhood — A good realtor will know the price and the history of houses sold in your neighborhood. Often it is different from what you have been told.
  • Price — Realtors will talk openly with you about what to expect your house will sell for in the current market. After you decide on a listing price, you will negotiate the listing percentage or commission.  
  • Negotiators —  Professional realtors present their client’s case with high confidence and agree to hold client information confidential from competing interests.

Contact The Jana Caudill Team in Northwest Indiana

Make an appointment to meet with a realtor on the Jana Caudill team. The office is located at 503 East Summit St., Suite 2, in Northwest Indiana. Or call at (219) 661-1256 or contact us on our website at https://www.janacaudillteam.com.

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The Jana Caudill Team delivers unparalleled service to all of our clients with honest representation, communication, attention to detail, and results. Reaching your goals is our number one priority.