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Trends become trends when new behaviors become commonplace. One trend that is happening in real estate is that 75 percent of buyers check their credit score and find out what they can afford before they look at any homes on the market.  Few did this even ten years ago.

What this trend show is that homebuyers are taking their initiative and changing the way consumers approach the task of home buying. Up until now, many potential home buyers relied on their realtor to do everything. Now the homebuyer is taking charge and doing a lot of the groundwork before they even call their realtor to get involved.

The realtors at Jana Caudill Team genuinely understand that homebuyers in the Highland area are much more knowledgeable now than they were in the past, thanks to the great strides in technology. It is much easier to get your credit score and to find out what a reasonable mortgage will cost.

Purchasing a New Home Can be Stressful

Many current home buyers feel anxious about what types of houses are for sale in the Highland neighborhoods they are looking to move into. Finding the right home is not always as easy as it seems. Then if you try to buy the house, there is a lot of paperwork and overall it becomes a very stressful endeavor.

There are a few things you can do to lessen the pressure and stress of buying a new home in Highland. The first one is working with a skilled realtor from The Jana Caudill Team. You can rest assured because your realtor will communicate openly with you and your mortgage company or lender.

What are some stressful situations that may occur when you buying or selling a home? A few are:

  • Sellers become combative — Often when you put in your offer, it will be less than the asking price. Sometimes this causes the seller to become agitated because they think their house is worth way more than the asking price.
  • A home inspection finds defects — It is a little unnerving when you see a home you love, and the house has some severe defects.
  • Lenders say no to the loan  — Sometimes you do not get the loan like you thought you would and now you are back to square one.
  • You receive a low appraisal — The house appraisal for the home you are selling gets a lower than anticipated appraisal. The money you thought you would get was the money you planned to use to buy a new home.
  • Your agent does meet your expectations — Your agent does not follow through and does not communicate with you. If this happens, get a new agent.
  • The title company finds an unknown lien on the property — If the title company finds a lien on your house, there is a debt that needs to be paid.

Find A Realtor Near Highland

Don’t let yourself become too stressed out buying a new home in Highland. Do yourself a favor and work with the realtors from the Jana Caudill team at 503 East Summit St., Suite 2 or call at (219) 661-1256 or contact us on our website at https://www.janacaudillteam.com.

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