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Schererville is one of the most popular places in Northwest Indiana. This town with a growing population has great schools, is located in an area that’s close enough to the big city that you can access Chicago when you feel like it, and features plenty of outdoor recreation activities and a small-town feel. It’s also a great time to sell a home in Schererville, as the real estate market is hot. If you’re getting ready to sell Schererville real estate, The Jana Caudill Team can help. Reach out to us directly today to learn more about how to get started. 

Why Should You Sell Schererville Real Estate?

It might be a good time for you to sell your current home if:

  • Your family is outgrowing your current home
  • You’ve accepted a new job opportunity that requires relocation (or will demand a pretty brutal commute otherwise)
  • You’re ready to downsize your lifestyle a bit
  • You feel emotionally ready for a change
  • You have a plan for where you want to go or what you want to do 
  • The real estate market is hospitable to sellers

It’s important to remember that selling a home is a personal decision; a good real estate market alone should not be the thing that pushes you into selling. 

Tips for Selling Schererville Real Estate

If you know that you’re ready to sell, the next step is getting ready! Some tips for selling your Schererville home include:

  • Prepare your home. The first step towards selling your home is getting your home ready. Pretend for a moment that you’re looking at your home as a potential buyer—what things would you love and what things would make you hesitate about the purchase? This is the time to make repairs and upgrades that will improve home value, put on a fresh coat of paint, and de-clutter. 
  • Research the market. Before you list your home for sale, it’s strongly recommended that you do some market research so you know what to expect in terms of buyer interest, listing price, etc. If you work with a good realtor, your realtor should handle market research on your behalf. 
  • Make it pop. You’ve cleaned up and done basic repairs, but does your home really shine? This is the time to think about staging your home, spending some time landscaping so it looks great from the outside, and investing in a professional photographer who can capture your home at its best. 
  • Price it just right. Pricing your home just right will be one of the biggest factors that either drives or deters sales. We strongly recommend seeking the counsel of a realtor for all of your home pricing questions. 
  • Work with a qualified Schererville real estate agent. For all of your questions, work with a qualified Schererville real estate agent. A realtor can help you with all of the above and improves your chances of selling your home.

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