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Buying or Selling Your Home in St. John

If you want to sell a home in St. John this season it is in your best interest to think like a new buyer on the market. What will buyers love about your home and what will buyers be turned entirely off about?  Today’s buyers have a list of specifics that a new house must have, like a laundry room, hardwood floors, energy efficient windows and ceiling fans to name a few details. If you want your home to sell quickly, should you do some upgrades before you put it on the market?

To answer that question, ask a realtor. In St. John, many buyers and sellers put their trust in the professionals at The Jana Caudill Team. They will tell you what you can improve to sell your house quicker, and what you can leave as is because you will not recoup what you spent to change it. Be sure to talk with a realtor near St. John before you put your home on the market.

Who is Buying Houses in St. John Today

St. John is a very desirable area to move to.  More than half of the prospective buyers who look for a home here will be under 36 years old. Most will have a family. The new homeowner wants to move to a friendly community with good schools and lots of kids for their children to befriend. Will your home accommodate the needs of an established family? A talented realtor can help you stage your home beautifully.

To sell your house, think about the following:

  • Market to Millennials — Millennials are buying homes in the suburbs. Many have married and started a family. For their new house, they want space, but not too much space. They also like to walk to a local coffee shop if possible. Will millennials like your neighborhood?
  • Market to Babyboomers — On the other end of the spectrum, many baby boomers are looking for homes where they can age in place. If you are selling a ranch with a large master bedroom, your house might move very fast with the baby boomers.
  • Use a Drone Tour — Now some realtors hire professional photographers who use drones to capture an aerial view of the property. If your home has lovely gardens or a spa-like backyard, use the drone photography to highlight.

Find a Results-Driven Realtor in St. John

Selling or buying a St. John home can be very stressful and very time-consuming. Let the professionals help you. The Jana Caudill team has successfully sold many homes in Northwest Indiana, including St. John. Stop by their office near St. John at 503 East Summit St., Suite 2, in Crown Point. Or call at (219) 661-1256 or contact us on our website at https://www.janacaudillteam.com.

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