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Closet Cleaners

8 April 2013
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It’s April, and that means not only is it time to get a jump start on spring cleaning in your Crown PointMunster orValparaiso home, but it’s also time to CLEAN HOUSE!  so throw those closet doors wide open and dig in!

How many clothes do you have that you’ve been holding onto since the 90s?  How about the 80s?  The 70s?  Longer than that?  I know, we all think I’m going to get back down to that size someday, or I’ll just keep it until it comes back in style.  Here’s the rule of thumb, if you haven’t worn it in over a year, chances are you won’t wear it in the next five years either.  Get rid of it.

The country has stepped up to the Reduce/Reuse/Recycle challenge.  Maybe your closet needs the same attention.  Weed out the stuff you haven’t worn (and probably won’t).  Do something for yourself by doing for others and donate those articles, or put on a garage or yard sale and make a little money.  There are many benefits to purging closet space.  Don’t undervalue the calming effect of reducing clutter!

Here’s a fun way to save money for you internet fans.  It’s a great way to swap some of your children’s outgrown wardrobe, and freshen their closets with some new-to-you items they can grow into!  These aren’t used clothes, they are preloved.  They do toys too!

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