Financing Options for First-Time Buyers

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Financing Options for First-Time Buyers

5 May 2020
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Buying a home is one of the most essential elements of achieving the American dream. But for many, buying a home isn’t as simple as it sounds, and saving for a home today may be incredibly challenging. But for first-time homebuyers, there are financing options available that can make home-buying possible. Consider these financing options for first-time homebuyers, and reach out to the Indiana realtors at The Jana Caudill Team for help that’s specific to you. 

First-time Buyer Financing Options

If you’ve never bought a home before, understanding the financing landscape can feel overwhelming. Here are a few financing options that may be available to you–

  • FHA loan. Standing for Federal Housing Administration, an FHA loan is a type of loan that’s designed for low-to-moderate-income first-time buyers. These types of loans are good for those who don’t have a lot of money saved for a down payment or who don’t have a great credit score, as FHA loans require smaller down payments and have a lower credit score requirement. In fact, you can make a down payment of only 3.5 percent with an FHA loan.
  • VA loan. If you are a service member or a veteran, a VA loan administered through the Veterans Administration can help you to buy a home. While your mortgage will still be offered by a private lender, such as a bank, the VA will guarantee a portion of the loan, which will result in the lender offering you more favorable terms, such as a lower interest rate or down payment requirement.
  • USDA loan. A USDA loan is a type of zero down payment mortgage that may be offered to rural and suburban homebuyers who can’t get a traditional loan. The purpose of the loan program is to improve the economy of rural America. In addition to loans for homebuyers, the USDA also offers loans and grants for home repairs and upgrades.
  • Home renovation loan. There are a few programs out there that exist to help homebuyers purchase homes that require renovations and upgrades. If you want to tackle a fixer-upper, you may be eligible for certain financing options that wouldn’t be available otherwise.
  • Traditional home financing options. Keep in mind that in addition to the above, you may be eligible for a variety of traditional home financing options. If you have a good credit score and have some money saved for a down payment, a lender will likely be happy to work with you to develop a mortgage plan that’s fair.

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