Finding A Home For Your Growing Family

As though finding a house isn’t hard enough, families that are still growing often encounter unique challenges when searching for the right home. After all, a home that works for you now may not be sufficient a few years down the road. The Jana Caudill Team is committed to helping each of our clients find their dream home. We take your individualized needs into consideration as we search the top communities in Northwest Indiana for the right home. Here’s what growing families should keep in mind while exploring prospective homes. 

Storage Space

Storage is an essential part of any home. When it comes to storage, it’s always better to have a bit of extra space, and this is especially true if you plan on adding members to your family. Kids typically have lots of stuff, from clothing to toys, so you need your future home to be able to hold everything. Think about what kinds of stuff you currently will need to store—such as larger items like strollers—and check out the size of the closets to see whether they’ll be sufficient.   


Choosing a house with additional bedrooms is a plus when you’re expecting a large family later on. Of course, overestimating the number of bedrooms you need can be problematic if you are hoping to stick with a specific price range. It’s always possible to make temporary arrangements, such as having your children share a room. Nonetheless, an additional room or two is doable, and you will be thankful you choose a roomier house down the road. 

Bathroom Amenities

It doesn’t matter how much you love and cherish your family members: no one likes to live on top of each other. Sharing a single bathroom can prove chaotic when everyone tries to get ready for the day. Prevent the turmoil by planning ahead for the number of bathrooms you may need. Think about whether you’ll need two showers, or if you’d like a master bath separate from your kids’ shared bathroom. There are also smaller details, such as counter space and the number of sinks that also come into play. 

Consider Kid-Friendly Features

As you explore homes that we find for you, keep safety in mind. There are some features in a home that simply don’t mix well with children, such as steep staircases or windows that are low to the ground. You will want to search for homes with an open floor plan so you can keep an eye on your children, or one that has a fenced-in yard for your children to safely play in. Making a list of the dangers and their safer alternatives is an excellent way to ensure your future home has everything you need. 

The Jana Caudill Team Will Help You Find the Perfect Home!

Your house search isn’t complete until you’ve hired our real estate agency! The Jana Caudill Team has decades of experience helping clients become proud homeowners in Northwest Indiana. There is so much to consider as you search for a home, especially when your family is still growing. Our realtors provide the advice that you need to successfully find a home that meets your expectations and fits your budget. Give us a call today to speak to our team. We are excited to work with you!



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