Guidelines for the Flower Garden

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Guidelines for the Flower Garden

13 March 2013
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Whether you’ve planned for an entire garden of flowers or just a few bulbs along the side your Crown PointChesterton or Valparaiso home or along the fence line, here are some tips to keep in mind if you want to get the most satisfaction out of your money and time…

First, a couple paraphrased definitions (Webster would be proud) only because this is one of those easy ones we all mix up from time to time.  An annual lasts for one season before it dies, needing to be replanted every season.  A perennial comes back year after year without needing to be replanted.  I bring this to your attention because you don’t want to plant an entire garden of annuals only to discover next spring that the beautiful result of all your efforts only lasted one season.  At the same time, if you go gang busters with perennials only to grow tired of the layout of your garden in a year of two you are faced with the task of digging up your previous work and transplanting for your new layout.

Speak to garden professionals.  Know which flowers are annuals and which are perennials, and mix them up in your garden plan for an explosion of color.  Layer plants from those low-creeper, ground cover types all the way up to those trellis-tall so everything is on clear display and nothing is hidden behind a taller, fuller plant.  And be sure your plan for perennials is something you can live with before you start digging.

Most flowers are planted either in the spring or the fall.  Use this handy planting time tip sheet and this zone guideto help you plan for planting in both seasons!

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