Hobbies Hinder Home Sale

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Hobbies Hinder Home Sale

12 August 2013
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The Jana Caudill Team
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Will your Crown PointSchererville, or Griffith home be remembered for the great 100 piece Hummel figurine collection dominating the family room or for more practical home features like the cozy brick mantle and fireplace beneath the collection that might actually inspire home “lookers” to write an offer and become home “buyers?”

You’re proud of your collection of Matchbox cars, antique guns, license plates, state tea spoons, movie inspired memorabilia, vintage comic books, or everything Star Trek – whatever.  If you’re selling your home it’s time to pack up those hobbies and collections and put them in storage.  Here are five important reasons why:

  1. Distraction.  Too much clutter.  Yes, to those unlike you who aren’t in love with 50’s and 60’s vinyl albums, your collection is clutter.  It causes buyers to focus on the wrong thing, and the only thing worse is if buyers are actually interested in the collection.  Imagine a scenario where they might never notice any of your home’s great features because of the distraction.
  2. Memory.  If distraction happens while buyers are in your home, memory, or the absence thereof, happens afterward when they’re trying to remember which home had the jack-and-jill bath, or the hardwood floor in the study, etc.  What will buyers remember about your home when they try to recall the high points of their visit?
  3. Breakage.  See, touch, break.  Accidents happen.  Do buyers the favor of removing a potentially negative incident from marring their interest in purchasing your home.
  4. Theft.  Burglary happens too, even during a scheduled showing.  Pack up and remove temptation.
  5. You’re going to pack it up anyway!  You’re moving right?  That in itself is your sign that if you’re not willing to part with your collection via garage sale or eBay you will eventually have to pack it up and move it to your new home.  Why put off till tomorrow what you can do today while promoting your home to potential buyers in a more positive light?

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