How to Decide If a Home is “The One”

If you’re searching for a new home, you may already know that figuring out the numbers is the easy part. You have many of the logistics determined: your budget, how many bedrooms you want and a location in mind. But deciding whether you are truly happy with a home and the environment it provides is another matter altogether. How can you know for sure that a home is “the one?” The Jana Caudill Team provides insight. There are a few ways to know before settling. 

It Became the Standard For You

Most buyers explore several homes before making a decision. Perhaps you saw a home that you loved early on in your search but continued to look anyways. Yet you ended up comparing all of the following homes you toured to the one that stood out to you. Even if they were nice, the other houses just didn’t compare to what the first home offered. That’s a strong sign that the home resonated with what you envisioned.  

You Can Imagine Your Family Living There

When a home feels right, it’s easy to imagine what your day-to-day life would be there. The ideal home is one where you can imagine yourself being truly happy. If you find yourself mentally arranging your furniture in your future bedrooms and living room, it’s a sign that you already feel like you’re at home. 

It’s Filled With Potential

Finding the perfect home isn’t easy—nor is it always possible. There are times when buyers will have to make small compromises in the short term to receive major benefits in the long run. But even if a house isn’t a 1:1 match to what you imagined, it may be brimming with the potential to make certain renovations down the line. If the things you’d change about a house are relatively minor—such as the wall color or the carpeting—you might have found “the one.”

You Want to Stay

House hunting can be an exhausting process since it usually involves visiting many different houses to see firsthand whether the listing matches your vision. If you’ve been driving past the house frequently to admire it or showing up for every open house, that’s a sure indication that you are already attached.  

The Time and Energy Spend Feels Worth It

Buying a home is a major investment that can be time-consuming. After spending months or even years revising your budget and determining what you want in your new home, the right home will be worth it. Any sacrifices you have to make are meaningful when you’ve discovered the perfect fit for you and your loved ones. 

Talk to a Real Estate Agent

If you still aren’t sure whether a house is “the one” for you and your family, it’s worth speaking to a real estate agent. The Jana Caudill Team offers unparalleled support at every step of the buying process. We can help you explore various listings and find the perfect community in Northwest Indiana. Call us now to schedule an appointment! 


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