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Increasing Your Home’s Curb Appeal 

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Increasing Your Home’s Curb Appeal 

3 July 2022
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The Jana Caudill Team
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If you’re a homeowner in Indiana who’s thinking about selling your home, you may want to invest some time and money into improving its curb appeal first. Curb appeal—or the attractiveness of a property “from the curb”—is a critical factor when selling a home. Here are some tips to increase your home’s curb appeal before your listing date:

Paint Your Door

One way to make your home pop is to add a splash of color to your home by painting your door. A fresh coat of paint always looks good, and an eye-catching color can look even better. Of course, you don’t want to go too wild, which could actually deter buyers. Reds, blues, and greens are usually a safe bet. 

Clean Up the Yard

One of the surest ways to improve curb appeal is to clean up your yard. This could mean planting some flowers, tending to a garden, trimming the grass, or cleaning up a xeriscaped yard. Even if you don’t have a large yard space, some pretty flowers or nice shrubs can go a long way in making your home look more attractive to buyers. 

Give it a Wash

When was the last time your home’s exterior got a good spray down? Cleaning the outside of your home yearly is usually recommended, especially for homes with vinyl. Grab the power washer and give it a good wash—the sparkle can make a difference. 

Add Outdoor Furniture

Another way to make your home look more charming to potential buyers is to add some outdoor furniture if you have an appropriate space for it. For example, if you have a front porch, a rocker can look great. Some yards have stone patios, which pair well with a table and chairs. Outdoor furniture can make your home look more inviting. 

Add a Path

A little bit more work than painting a door or adding a rocking chair to a porch is that of adding a path. A stone path leading to a part of the garden, your front door, the garage, or back gate and make a home look well-maintained and cared for, as well as more desirable to potential buyers. 

Work with an Experienced Northwest Indiana Realtor

If you’re selling your home and aren’t sure how to increase your curb appeal, call our experienced Northwest Indiana realtors at The Jana Caudill Team directly. We have years of experience representing sellers and are a top-selling team in the area. Reach out to us by phone or online to learn more and get started. 

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