Interior Wall Color Choice – Part 2

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Interior Wall Color Choice – Part 2

15 July 2013
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If you’re selling your home.  The first question I’d ask you is do you have any paint left over from when you bought the house?  If your home is relatively young you may still have a can or two left over in the basement or garage from when the builder originally finished the interior.  If so, do you have enough to paint the kid’s room(s)?  My point is, maybe you don’t necessarily need to paint everything.  Is there only one or two specific rooms that need attention?  If you don’t have any leftover paint, or the job is going to require purchasing more paint, here’s the number one cardinal rule for painting to sell:  One neutral color.  That says it all.  Choose beige.  Choose eggshell.  Choose (insert your favorite sandy off-white color here), but choose just one color.  And yes, make it neutral.  A new coat of taupe paint may not be the feature that excites buyers to the point of writing an offer, but the alternatives sure may turn them away.  Go neutral.

If you’re maintaining Crown PointChesterton, or Merrillville investment property.  One color, just like above, but taken one step further.  Use one color for all your investment properties.  That way you don’t have to try to match paint for each room in each house.  Instead, it’s one color across the board.  Make sure it’s semi-gloss so you will have an easier clean up in between tenants.  One color semi-gloss means less time on maintenance, and quicker turn-around time for getting new paying tenants moved in.  This is one of those situations where time truly is money

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