Kitchen Sink Odors

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Kitchen Sink Odors

13 May 2013
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It may sound simpler than it really is, getting rid of that odor emanating from the kitchen sink.  When trying to mask the smell with candles, air fresheners, or Lysol only makes things worse try a homemade solution that works.  Two quick safety tips before you begin:  Never mix products containing bleach and ammonia to clean your sink, or for any other purpose for that matter.  Together they give off toxic vapors that are very harmful to your health.  Also, use extra care when working around a garbage disposal.  We don’t need any trips to the emergency room.

  1. After thoroughly cleaning sink pour ½ cup bleach into drain and let sit for 15 minutes.  Rinse with cold water.
  2. For a sink with a garbage disposal, use small cleaning brush and dish soap to safely scrub food particles from top and bottom sides of rubber splash guard.  This is one of the main hiding places for decomposing food and bacteria to hide.  Scrub well.
  3. Turn on cold water to rinse.  While the water is running turn on garbage disposal, then drop a couple handfuls of ice, one cube at a time through the disposal.  This will clean the disposal’s blades and inner wall.  Grind up a whole lemon or orange peel for a nice fresh citrus smell.

Here are a few more helpful how-to tips for taking care of that odorous Crown PointSt. John, or Hobart kitchen sink.

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