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Conner Bridge

SW Florida Sales Associate

PHONE NUMBER: (239) 250-9977

Conner epitomizes the quintessential lifelong learner, approaching each interaction as an invaluable opportunity for personal and professional development. Armed with a rich background in the service industry, Conner has honed his adeptness in interpersonal skills, enabling him to seamlessly cater to the unique needs of every client he encounters. His aspiration to step into the realm of real estate has materialized as a long-held dream, where he expertly leverages his exceptional communication abilities and professionalism to serve both clients and homeowners with unparalleled excellence.

Academically, Conner is an alumnus of Indiana University-Bloomington, where his academic prowess earned him multiple Dean’s List accolades. During his tenure at the university, Conner embraced international education experiences in Mexico and France, harnessing the cross-cultural competencies acquired abroad to forge meaningful connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds worldwide. Beyond his professional pursuits, Conner finds great solace in literature, travel, and cinematic exploration, enriching his multifaceted perspective on life.

Conner is also fluent in Spanish and French.

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