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8 August 2013
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The Jana Caudill Team
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Mice.  You’ve discovered droppings on the front porch in the corner by the front door, or along the walls in the garage – or even worse, inside your Crown PointChesterton, or St. John home!  Don’t let a small (some would say cute and furry) problem become an infestation.  You need to eliminate household pests like mice right away.

Should you take care of it yourself or call the exterminator?  Good question.  I guess the answer depends on how squeamish you are.  If you don’t mind setting and clearing/disposing of traps then by all means do it yourself, it’ll be cheaper.  If just the thought of setting the cheese or peanut butter on the mechanism gives you the heebie jeebies then you might want to call Orkin.

For you do-it-yourselfers there is one very important tip I must give you before you set out on your great pest adventure: DO NOT USE POISON!  Why?  Poison does a very effective job on killing mice you say.  True.  But it does not kill them instantaneously.  Mice eat poison then go back to their nests when feeling ill to die.  If their nest is inside the walls of your house, well then you do have your dead mouse, but it’s one that, if near any amount of moisture, as it progresses to decompose will become increasingly malodorous.  If you don’t know exactly where the nest is because you can’t see it then you’re looking at a potentially expensive and time consuming job poking holes in, patching, and refinishing walls until you find it.

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