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5 April 2013
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Is your Crown PointHobart, or Dyer driveway sinking on one corner?  Or do you have a cement patio or walkway with one slab of concrete sunken below adjoining slabs?  Uneven driveways, patios, sidewalks, and garage floors are not only unsightly, they pose significant tripping hazards, and removing old concrete and pouring new takes time and can be very expensive.

Let me offer an alternative, more cost-effective solution: Mudjacking.  Whether you call it slabjacking, sandjacking, foam leveling or mudjacking, the process of concrete leveling has been solving the problem of uneven concrete surfaces for over 50 years.

First a small diameter hole is drilled in a slab of sunken concrete.  Then a hose and nozzle are attached to the hole, and any of a variety of mixtures (cement mortar, sand mix, expanding foam and others) are pumped in under the slab to fill in empty air pockets and raise the slab to its proper level.  This super short video does a great job of illustrating the process, and this longer video goes into much more detail showing examples of cement leveling at work.

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