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Preventing Falls at Home

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Preventing Falls at Home

10 June 2013
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The Jana Caudill Team
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Okay, first I’ll state the obvious:  the better you manage risks in your HobartMunster or Crown Point home that contribute to falls the less likely someone will suffer a fall resulting in an injury.

Makes sense, right?  It should.  Any family member can have an accident, it’s true.  But just for the moment let’s take into special consideration our seniors?  Children’s toys scattered about the floor, even pet toys like the dog’s bone can twist an ankle and send Grandma or Grandpa for a tumble.  Rugs and doormats without the no-slip backing can do the same.  In fact, getting rid of rugs altogether in homes with seniors is the best idea.  There are power cords, or standing liquids like water from a leaking pipe that can trip or slip.  No skid strips in the tub are a must.  Adding handrails in the tub and seats in shower stalls are great.  Now we’re talking…

Now I’ll ask you to consider something beyond just the fall and the injury.  I’ll sum it up in one word: comfort.  The safer we can make the home for seniors, the longer a senior can stay in the home.  Put another way, There’s no place like home.  Have you ever heard Grandma say, “I can’t wait to move into assisted living!”?  Never!  Seniors want to be at home, where the heart is – where it’s comfortable.  Of course, there might come a time when the only realistic alternative is the retirement home, but there’s always something more we can do to help our seniorslive longer and where they’re more comfortable.

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