Stocking Your Home’s First Aid Kit

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Stocking Your Home’s First Aid Kit

13 December 2012
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You can always purchase a pre-assembled first aid kit that will contain most of what you’ll need for first response situations at home.  The downside is these kits can be more costly than assembling one yourself, and you’re subject to whatever the manufacturer decided to include with their product.

Here’s a great video on putting together your own first aid kit.  You’ll want to start with a container that’s large enough to keep all the supplies together in one place, yet highly portable so the kit can be moved easily from room to room and even outside for outdoor accidents.  Tackle boxes are always a great choice.  Here’s a list of the standard items to include in your first aid kit compliments of Kids Health.  For home kits, one item worth including that is often overlooked is a flashlight.  When assembling your kit keep in mind the types of activities you and your family often participate in.  For example, if your family hikes and camps frequently be sure to stock supplies in your kit to address campfire burns, poison ivy, and insect bites.

If you’re assembling a travel kit think about including an old cell phone and charger.  Most adults have cell phones nowadays, but this will insure you always a phone handy in an emergency.  I found this great webpageworth sharing with your family on tips for calling 911 from a cell phone.  It’s completely different from calling from home, and knowing the difference in an emergency, as they say, is priceless.

Have a healthy and safe new year!

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