Stop the Moisture, Stop the Mold

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Stop the Moisture, Stop the Mold

24 June 2013
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The root of the problem with indoor mold is moisture.  When you find mold in your Cedar LakeSt. John, orCrown Point home, you clean it up, right?  But if you don’t find and fix the moisture issue the mold will return.  The source of moisture might be as easy to find as a leaking pipe under the sink or in the basement.  It may be a little more difficult to identify like a leaking pipe inside a wall.  And again, diagnosing the moisture problem is one thing, yet prescribing the correct and complete remedy may be the tricky part as with a cracked foundation wall in your basement or crawlspace.  One thing is certain, if you only treat the symptom (the mold) the illness (moisture) will continue to rear its troublesome head.

Once you discover mold in your home get to work on mitigating the source of moisture and the clean-up right away.  Don’t ignore it.  Call a plumber with a good reputation in the community if you need to.  Simply closing the cabinet door to the kitchen sink and pretending it’s not there doesn’t work.  The problem won’t just walk away on its own and neither should you.  And don’t simply paint over the stain of a recently cleaned patch or wall without mitigating the moisture.  You’re putting more energy into a problem that will continue to reoccur.

So the question is, Where to begin?  A great place to start if you’re unsure just how to get started is the Frequently Asked Questions on the http://www.epa.gov/ website.  Stop the moisture, stop the mold.

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