Taking Water Conservation to the Bank

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Taking Water Conservation to the Bank

18 April 2013
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Credit card companies will give you bonus airline miles.  Department stores tell you the more you spend the more you save.  You have heard all the offers.  Buy one get one free, take an extra twenty percent off your purchase when you spend X, enter your name to win a trip to Hawaii.  There’s free shipping, free gift wrapping, free tire rotation…  It seems the world is trying to convince you the only way to save is to spend.  How does that make any sense?

Here’s one tip.  Yeah, okay, so it’s not free, but it only costs about 8 bucks and pays for itself in no time flat: a low flow shower head.  The average American uses 25 gallons of water during a shower.  A low flow shower head can cut out 50 – 70% of that water usage for bathing. And don’t forget to account for the energy savings now that you are heating less water.  That’s more money in the bank!

There are many ways in your Crown PointMunster or St. John home to conserve water and thus save money, like the tankless water heater that can save you up to 34% on the energy you normally use in your traditional water heater.  Plus you’ll never run out of hot water again!  Click here for more ideas on how to turn water conservation in your home into money in the bank.

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