The Home-Selling Process

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The Home-Selling Process

2 March 2021
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Selling a home is exciting, and suggests new opportunities to be had, memories to be made, and stories to be told. But the process of selling the home itself can feel overwhelming and stressful at times, which is one of the reasons why it’s strongly recommended that you work with a skilled real estate agent. As you think about getting ready to sell your home, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the home-selling process. Consider the following basic overview, and call The Jana Caudill Team for answers to questions that are specific to you–

1. Know Your Home’s Value

One of the first steps in the process of selling a home is knowing a home’s value. Knowing how much your home is worth will help you to decide whether or not it’s even the right time to sell. And of course, listing your home at just the right price can help to attract buyers’ interests. 

2. Prep Your Home for a Sale

The second step in the home-buying process is to prep your home for the sale. Depending on the state of your home and how much money you want to put into before you sell, this might include things such as putting on a fresh coat of paint, patching small holes in your wall, replacing your floors, upgrading appliances, and repairing any damaged areas of the home. 

3. Market, Market, and Market Some More

Once your home has been priced and prepped, the next step is to start marking your home. You’ll want to get the information that your home is for sale out to as many people as possible. This means ensuring that it’s on all of the major real estate sites, social media, and more. Flyers can help, too. 

4. Show Your Home

You’re towards the end of the process at this point, and now it’s time to show your home! Give your home a thorough cleaning and stage it so that it looks great. Consider an open house in addition to home showings from interested potential buyers. 

5. Negotiate and Sell

As you get offers rolling in, you’ll want to negotiate the buy-sell contract to ensure you’re getting a good deal. While there will be a number of other small steps along the way at this point, including an appraisal, you’re at the end of the road! Congratulations! 

Get Help from an Experienced Real Estate Agent

As you navigate the steps in the home-selling process listed above, note that working with a real estate agent is critical, and finding a realtor should be the first move you make. To learn more about the process of selling a home and how a great realtor can make a difference, call The Jana Caudill Team directly today.

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