Tips to Prevent Common Seller Mistakes

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Tips to Prevent Common Seller Mistakes

7 October 2009
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The Jana Caudill Team realizes that selling your home is a huge decision. We have included some tips to avoid some common seller mistakes.

  1. Price Your Home Right. If you either need to sell or would like to sell your home, pricing at current market value is key. Researching sale prices of comparable homes is a crucial component to determining a price that will make the home sell. If you don’t need to move, consider waiting for the market to improve. Call us or log on to www.NWIHOMEPRICE.COM for a free market evaluation.
  2. Consider a Presale Inspection. This will accomplish two goals. First of all, it will let you know the potential problems that need to be fixed, and secondly, buyers can make offers that takes those items into consideration up front rather than renegotiating concessions later.
  3. Consider All Offers. Refusing to entertain an offer from a qualified buyer can be a big mistake for sellers in this market. Wait until the offer has been negotiated to refuse it.
  4. Accept Backup Offers. Consider a backup offer in case the primary one falls through. Also take into consideration that a lower offer with a larger down payment can be a more solid deal than a higher price with less money down.
  5. Hire The Jana Caudill Team. Solid negotiation and communication skills combined with Northwest Indiana area expertise can help sellers to get the most out of their experience.

*Source: Inman News

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