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Wall Finishing Textures

19 March 2013
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You’ve seen some of those attractive textured finishes on interior walls.  You may have even heard some of the terms to go along with those textures: knock-down, orange peel, popcorn, etc.  As these textures are better understood visually than by reading a description, today’s blog directs you to multiple resources that will help you differentiate between the different textures with some videos and pictures culled from the internet, and will hopefully show you just how easy adding and removing some of these textures during your finishing projects really can be:

Knock-down: Popular, easy to apply, great for covering wall imperfections.

Popcorn: Here’s a great video on how to easily remove a popcorn texture with a safety note on asbestos.

Orange Peel: Here are some helpful tips for application, also illustrating the difference between orange peel and knock-down.

Some of the textures like orange peel are also available in spray cans.  This makes it easier for application, but the larger your application area the quicker your project costs will skyrocket.  These spray can varieties are better for smaller projects and repairs like when your child surprises you with a hole in the wall after hanging like Tarzan from the bathroom towel rod.  As well, your Crown PointHobart, or other Northwest Indiana painter can consult with you on your project and give you an estimate you can weigh against doing the job yourself.

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