What Should Buyers Include On Their Home Inspection Checklist?

Before investing in a home, it’s important to complete a home inspection. This step isn’t simply a formality: it provides an opportunity to take a close look at your future home. A home inspection considers the physical structure and systems of a property, identifying potential problems that could impact your investment. With the assistance of The Jana Caudill Team, you’re equipped to negotiate resolutions or even reassess your decision based on the findings. Our team ensures you approach this step with confidence.

Your Comprehensive Home Inspection Checklist

Grounds and Exterior Structure

Inspecting the exterior and surrounding grounds of a property is crucial. Look for foundational stability, proper drainage, and the condition of additional structures like garages and fences. These elements are fundamental to the longevity and safety of your home.


The attic tells a story of a home’s ventilation, insulation and structural integrity. Evidence of staining from the roof or inadequate ventilation can signal significant concerns that need addressing.


Basements can be prone to moisture and water damage. A dry, solid basement is a good indicator of a well-kept home. Ensure the sump pump operates correctly, another essential factor in maintaining the property’s health.


Bathroom inspections focus on plumbing and water damage. Check for smooth drainage, proper toilet operation, and the condition of sinks and tubs. These details contribute to both the home’s functionality and its comfort.

Interior Rooms

Evaluate floors, walls, and ceilings for levelness and signs of damage. Ensure doors and windows operate properly and assess the adequacy of electrical outlets and fixtures for modern living needs.


The kitchen, often the heart of the home, requires a thorough check of plumbing, appliances, and exhaust systems. These components affect the kitchen’s efficiency and safety.

Electrical Systems

Safe and up-to-standard electrical systems are non-negotiable. Assess the wiring condition, service panel capacity and cable protection to ensure electrical safety and compliance.

Heating and Cooling Systems

A comfortable living environment depends on functional heating and cooling systems. Check for clean air filters, proper operation, and the absence of gas odors or visible rust on the cooling unit.


Plumbing significantly impacts a home’s livability. Visible pipes should be free from damage or leaks, and the water heater and water pressure should meet accepted standards. This system’s health is vital for day-to-day comfort and convenience.

Partner with The Jana Caudill Team for an Informed Home Inspection

At The Jana Caudill Team, we don’t just facilitate transactions; we forge partnerships for successful homeownership journeys. With over $1 billion sold and a reputation built on grit, grace and unparalleled service, our talent is your advantage. Our deep-rooted understanding of Northwest Indiana’s real estate landscape empowers you to approach home inspections with clarity and confidence.

Whether you’re analyzing the solidity of a foundation, the efficiency of a home’s systems or the condition of its structure, our team is by your side. We’re here to answer all of your questions and help you feel confident about your purchase. Contact us today to get started.


What Should Buyers Include On Their Home Inspection Checklist?

What Should Buyers Include On Their Home Inspection Checklist?

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