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We believe the best way to come to an informed opinion on any topic is to rely on multiple, reputable

23 November 2013
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Property Tax Exemption Site for Lake County Up and Running

Here’s an update for all our Lake County friends, family and neighbors, copied from our friends at Professional’s Title Services:

18 November 2013
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What is a Buyer’s Agent

This blog piggy-backs on the previous article, “Buyer Self-Representation.”  The answer to the question Can I represent myself? is Yes, but why would

14 November 2013
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Buyer Self-Representation

Can I represent myself when buying a Crown Point, Munster, or Chesterton home?  What most people who ask this question really mean to say

6 November 2013
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The Purchase Offer – Part 2

We talked about price, good faith or earnest money, down payment, and financing terms last time.  All of these issues

22 October 2013
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Troubleshooting the Hot Water Heater – Part 2

(continued from last blog…) Last time we dealt with stinky and discolored water from your Crown Point, Munster, or Cedar Lake hot water heater. 

14 October 2013
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